First ever “Happy Head Wellness and IV clinic” in Hyderabad

Graced by Manchu Lakshmi

Hyderabad Feb 2021: Happy Head Wellness and IV clinic, first of its kind in India, launched at Road no 92, Film Nagar, Hyderabad. Graced by Manchu Lakshmi, Comedian Ali, Singer Smitha and many celebrities. On the Occasion Manchu Lakshmi said that, “These medically driven remedies help happy head to achieve its vision of bringing optimal solutions for a healthier life style”.

Dr. Mulakalapalli Venkaiah Founder and Managing Director and Dr Mounica Vadlamudi, Dr. Srisai Nivya Kilari and Dr. Snehalatha Paritala, said Happy Head provides overall wellness to the body with Vitamins and Minerals which are essential nutrients that body needs to function and to stay healthy. IV therapy bypasses the gut and goes directly into your blood stream, so your body gets a high dose of vitamins and minerals in almost 30-45 mins, with absorption close to 100%.

Benefits of therapies include hangover relief, increased energy, improved immune support, reduced toxin load, promotes healthy skin, hair and nails, relief from chronic symptoms and period cramps. Happy Head also provides wide range of blood investigations. It also has adult vaccination schedules and oxygen bar which improves mental clarity, mood elevation and concentration they added.

For more details please contact Ample Reach PR: 9542976567

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