CARS24 Provides Free COVID-19 Vaccination to all Employees and their Family

  • CARS24 will cover the cost for all employees along with an additional cost for two
    members of the family

India, 2021: CARS24, India’s leading online transaction platform for pre-owned vehicles, today announced that it will cover the COVID-19 vaccination cost for all its employees and two other members of the family as a preventive measure against the pandemic.

The COVID-19 vaccination drive will be over and above the existing medical insurance policy and is extended to over 3000+ employees currently working in the company. The policy will also be applicable for new joiners for three months from the time of their joining. In an attempt to make the process quicker and simpler, all one needs to do is: register, get vaccinated & submit the bill.

Commenting on this initiative, Sonam Lama, People and Culture Head, CARS24 said, “Our first responsibility as a business is the safety of our employees and their families. We remain committed to this goal and back the inoculation campaign to end the coronavirus pandemic as soon as possible. That said, we also urge and encourage our employees and their families to get vaccinated at the earliest and play their role in this endgame of the pandemic.”

CARS24 has always thrived to be an employee-centric organization where the employees’ needs are valued and precede everything else. During the pandemic, the company started Trust@CARS24 with an intent to help those employees that needed financial help for any medical purposes. Simultaneously, CARS24 also reimbursed the cost of COVID-19 tests for all employees and their families as the initial step to fight the adversities of the pandemic. In November 2020, the company also offered to buy up to 100% ESOPs worth Rs 35 crore bringing festive cheer to its employees.

Cars 24

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