FMC India promotes waterstewardship and sustainable agriculture Hyderabad,

2021: In-line with its commitment to enhance sustainable agriculture, FMC India celebrated World Water Day yesterday by organizing morethan 400 farmer meetings across 18 states, reaching more than 14,000 in thefarming community throughout the country. In Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, 154meetings were organized covering  over 4,300farmers. Accordingto India Water Portal, agriculture in India accounts for more than 80 percentof the surface water used in India, contributing to increasing water scarcityexacerbated by rising global temperatures. To help promote water stewardship inagriculture, FMC technical field experts talked with farmers about GoodAgriculture Practices for enhancing farm sustainability and shared different methodsto optimise water use, enhance efficiency and conserve water. The FMCteam also highlighted the importance of safe drinking water to increase public awarenessof the dangers of poor water quality. Poor quality water consumption has led toserious water-borne diseases in the country, and this is more profound in ruralareas which can have serious implications for farmer families.   Mr.Pramod Thota, president of FMC India said, “This World Water Day, our focus ison educating farmers on best practices to enhance sustainable management offreshwater resources. We have been partnering with Indian farmers across cropchains and geographies to drive sustainability and improve productivity forover three decades in India. We have about 4,000 technical field experts whoengage with over two million farmers annually to promote sustainableagricultural practices for a better future. Our goal is to empower the farmingcommunity and raise their living standards through various initiatives andcommunity outreach programs like Project Samarth and UGAM.”FMCIndia runs an ongoing signature project that seeks to provide access to safeand potable drinking water to 200,000 farmer families within the next threeyears in India. To date, Project Samarth has commissioned 44 community waterpurification plants in the states of Uttar Pradesh and Punjab, benefiting nearly120,000 farming families. The company is now expanding the reach to cover fivemore states starting this year. FMC UGAM wasa three-month campaign that started on World Soil Day 2020 on 5 December, to empowerfarmers with the awareness, knowledge, and tools to manage their soil in a moresustainable manner. The campaign reached more than 40,000 farmers, inaddition to 100,000 more through digitalchannels like Facebook, WhatsApp and YouTube.“FMCis committed to deliver products that maintain a safe and secure food supplywhile protecting the environment for future generations,” added Thota.  “At the same time, FMC recognises some of theissues pertaining to the optimisation of water usage in the country, includingsafeguarding from water-borne diseases and conserving underground water systems.Our work is very much focused on supporting the United Nations SustainableDevelopment Goals of Zero Hunger and Clean Water and Sanitation.”  About FMCFMC Corporation, an agriculturalsciences company, provides innovative solutions to growers around the worldwith a robust product portfolio fuelled by a market-driven discovery anddevelopment pipeline in crop protection, plant health, and professional pestmanagement. This powerful combination of advanced technologies includes leadinginsect control products Coragen® and Ferterra® powered by Rynaxypyr®active ingredient, Benevia® insect control powered by Cyazypyr®active ingredient, Talstar® insecticide; Affinity®, Authority® NxTand Gamit® branded herbicides; and Cilpyrox® and Aceso® brandedfungicides. To learn more, please visit, theFMC logo, Rynaxypyr, Cyazypyr, Coragen, Ferterra, Benevia, Talstar, Affinity,Authority, Gamit, Cilpyrox and Aceso are trademarks of FMC Corporation and/oran affiliate. Always read and follow all label directions, restrictions andprecautions for use.

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