Pearson launches Click Code Connect to equip students with new age coding and IT skills

Click Code Connect is a blended learning product designed to inculcate logical and reasoning aptitude using programming languages such as Python and Scratch

India, 2021, Pearson India, the world’s learning company has announced the launch of its latest computer science series, Click Code Connect, for the students from grades 1-8.
The announcement is aligned with government’s agenda to increase exposure towards technology through coding for school students. The series takes the students through a journey that begins with the basic knowledge of handling mouse and keyboard to the stage where the student acquires 21st century coding skills. The series culminates with the student being able to learn real-life applications of technology such as Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing, etc.

Speaking about the platform, Rajesh Pankajakshan, Director, Product, Pearson India said, “Advancements in technology are changing our world at an astonishing pace and coding has become an essential skill for students to learn and apply. Click Code Connect is Pearson’s endeavour to equip students with the necessary repertoire of technical skills to adapt to these changes and contribute effectively in shaping the digital world. The content of the series has been planned and organised in a systematic manner ensuring smooth transition from the basics to the latest developments in the field of technology”.

He further added “one prominent reform announced in the NEP is the initiation of classes on coding for students from class 6 onwards which will result in increased exposure to technology. The platform will help in cementing the impact of NEP to raise the spirit of innovation and let the learner learn at his own pace. It is structured around concept of Self-Paced Learning (SPL). It will push students to question, observe, analyse and record everything around them thus providing them with hands-on experience of coding and inculcating logical thinking.”

It is aimed to inculcate analytical and logical thinking into learners and enable them to showcase problem-solving approach from a very young age. In-sync with the objective of National Education Policy (NEP) 2020 about importance of developing programming skills in learners, , the series is bundled with an online platform which has a built-in IDE – Integrated Development Environment (for HTML and Python). It helps learners to develop programming skills bywriting and testing codes without the need to install any compiler on their system. It offers plenty of examples for practice along with assessments to check the level of understanding. The compiler is combined with Learning Management System for impactful and real-time learning.

The series is structured around the 3E (Explore-Excel-Exhibit) approach of learning that blends the need of students, teachers, and parents through both print and digital components. The learners Explore the fundamental concepts; they Excel in the domain with the help of additional learning; and they Exhibit acquired knowledge through assessments, activities, and projects.

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