Pani Puri Party’ on the sets of SonyLIV’s Kathmandu Connection

Pani puri

Pani-puri, golgappas or phuchkas, this mouth-watering delight has always known to tingle taste buds and leave one craving for more. Especially, when you are in the city of Lucknow, one plate of what they call, ‘Paani Ke Batashe’, is never enough and has to be on every tourist’s must-eat list. Recently, while shooting, the cast of Kathmandu Connection, an upcoming crime thriller on SonyLIV was in for a treat. During their shooting schedule in Lucknow, the cast and crew made it a point to relish this delicacy as frequently as they could, literally making it a ‘Pani Puri Party’ on-set.

The character of Shivani, played by actress Aksha Pardasany in Kathmandu Connection is a character who’s a die-hard fan of Pani Puris, a part of the role she took quite seriously. Interestingly, after every sequence where she had to eat Pani Puris, the entire team including herself, were found binging and waiting for more. From actors Amit Sial and Gopal Datt to the director, and the crew members on set, let go of their diets and indulged keeping all safety precautions in mind.

Aksha Pardasany shared, “I am a huge chaat lover and luckily so was my character Shivani. So, when I was told that eating pani puri was a sequence that needed to be shot, I was ecstatic. More than the scene, we would all wait for the shoot to end, so everyone could join in and enjoy the feast. In true sense, we had a Pani Puri party, one that can’t be forgotten.”

Kathmandu Connection to launch on 23rd April, on SonyLIV

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