As the country enters a new season of the Indian Premier League(IPL), millions of cricket enthusiasts can now watch exclusive live streams and uploaded short videos by their favourite players from the team Chennai SuperKings (CSK), on Glance and Roposo. Glance, the world’s leading lockscreen content platform, and Roposo India’s largest short video sharing platform have partnered with the popular league team CSK as their official Lock Screen Partner and official Short Videpo App partner, respectively.

The team will be live-streaming some special shows on Glance, and post original short videos on Roposo, throughout the tournament. “Getting a top-tier team like CSK to be Glance and Roposo’s exclusive lock screen and short video partners is a true testament to the popularity and reach of our platforms. With the CSK team all set to livestream their exclusive and original content, we are primed to offer the users of Glance and Roposo an unmatched experience throughout thisyear’s tournament,” said Bikash Chowdhury, Vice President – Marketing atGlance.  Chennai Super Kings have already set up their official profile on Roposo. Now, fans will have the opportunity to engage with some of their favourite players, and take part in fun challenges to show their support.

 “Being a team built on lovingfans, we always look for new ways to reach out to our supporters. Thispartnership with Glance and Roposo provides an exciting opportunity to engagewith our fans on different digital platforms”, CSK CEO K S Viswanathan, said. As smartphone users increasingly shift towards digital platforms for content consumption, mobile ‘lock screen’has emerged as one of the key mediums for content consumption in the country. As per a recent report by Glance, cricket-related content has been one the most consumed categories on the lock screen, accounting for almost 60% of the overall sports content consumed on Glance in 2020. Chowdhury furtheradded, “CSK have been among the tournament’s top contenders, year after year, just as Glance and Roposo have been going from strength to strength witheach passing year. We strongly believe that CSK team’s ethos and zest to win while keeping India entertained is aligned with our own, making them a perfectmatch for us. We are proud to bring 120 million Indians closer to a dream teamlike CSK, both on Glance’s lock screen and through their short videos on Roposo.”

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