Delights glittered at Mr.Arjun Reddy birthday soirre glimpse

Andhra Pradesh Kabaddi Association Chairman,
CEO of skanda organic 42 And YSRCP Active Youth Leader in Ap and TS politics form YSRCP .
Celebrated his birthday at Hyderabad, Occasion embellished by dignitaries of TFI RGV (Ramgopal Varma), Akkineni Sumanth, Allu Sirish, Tanish, Adith Arun, Raja Ravindra , Anoop Rubens , Khayyum Ali, Ashu Reddy, Singer Revanth, Naina Ganguly, Rakshith, Medishetti Abhinav, Rohini,Divya Boppanna and many others graced the Occasion, they had DJ Night with Cocktails and Delicious food , it’s a private party with limited people happened with celebs spread over great flourishness at BLVD Night club,Jubilee hills.

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