FMC Corporation pledges 7 oxygen pressure swing absorption plants for COVID-19 relief in India

FMC to donate PSA plants across five states – Delhi NCR, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, and Gujarat
Commits to rural awareness campaign for COVID-19

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India, 2021: FMC India today announced its commitment towards COVID-19 relief measures in India, which will focus on enhancing the oxygen supply at hospitals across five states, and running safety awareness campaigns in rural areas to curb the spread of the virus.
Increasing Oxygen Supply
According to the Indian government, the demand for oxygen at hospitals and healthcare facilities has increased almost ten times compared to demand prior to the pandemic. With COVID-19 cases rising rapidly, many patients with severe coronavirus are not getting the emergency oxygen supply they need. In order to help fulfill the rapidly increasing requirement for medical oxygen, FMC India will procure and donate seven Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) oxygen plants to hospitals in Delhi NCR, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, and Gujarat. The installation of PSA oxygen plants at these hospitals will enable a continued supply of oxygen, without the challenges of transportation logistics.

As the country battles a second critical wave of the pandemic, these initiatives will augment the supply near the underserved demand clusters, by producing 1,680Nm3 of oxygen daily to support local hospitals, in the nation’s fight against COVID-19.
Pramod Thota, President of FMC India said, “Our entire nation is challenged by the severity and intensity of the second wave of COVID-19, causing multiple shortages of critical supplies due to an exponential demand for medical infrastructure. To help meet some of the urgent demand for oxygen at area hospitals, FMC India will contribute seven PSA plants to support urgent patient care and save precious lives. We are committed to partnering with our channel partners and communities to help address some of the critical healthcare shortages in India – particularly in the rural areas with high COVID-19 rates and fewer medical resources.”

Rural Awareness Campaigns
The coronavirus is spreading significantly throughout rural India during this wave. FMC India will launch a multi-faceted campaign aimed at educating local farmers and growers about safety and wellness measures to protect themselves from COVID-19, while continuing farming and adopting good agricultural practices. The awareness campaigns are expected to reach around 100,000 farmers across various leading agricultural states in India. All these efforts are part of FMC India’s ongoing community empowerment initiative – Project Samarth

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